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The Learning Portal strives to provide crisp, concise and engaging learning content to its learners. The material is compiled in an interesting and fun based package that would capture the imagination of the young minds. This is just the beginning and there would be constant addition to the content available on this website. Also we are open to suggestions and can be reached by using the contact information available on this page.


Dr. Preeti Yadav
Ph.D, Education
An Educationist and a Research Scholar with extensive experience in the Education field. She is passionate about working towards improving the standards of education and to maximize its reach among various sections of society.

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Sidharth Yadav
B.Tech, CSE from NIT Kkr
An Entrepreneur & a seasoned Engineering Leader with over 15 years of experience in software development, designing and architecting. His prior experience includes working with companies like Symphony Teleca, Oracle and Ciena.

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